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It can record audio from any source via sound card, make recording by signal detection, or by timer
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8 September 2010

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The owner of a PC or a portable media playing device user usually owns a collection of audio files as listening to music is almost everyone’s hobby. The collection of audio files inevitably leads to the requirement of certain other software tools that facilitate the users a perfect platform to accomplish few more advanced tasks. For example, the must have utilities are converter, recorder, burner, vocal remover and grabber. Software tools offering these utilities are easily available in the market but finding one software tool that contains all of these five utilities are near impossible to find. However, Audio Juggler 2.2 is a program that is offering all of the above functions at a reasonable cost and in one platform.

As a converter tool this program can convert among six leading and widely used audio file formats that include MP3, AAC, OGG, MP4, WMA and finally WAV. The conversion is done at a much faster speed and offers sharp, clear and CD quality results. Secondly, the Sound Card Recorder is capable of recording improved quality audio in OGG Vorbis, MP3, Wave, WMA file formats. User can record sound from games, movies, music and any other sources. Thirdly, this product is also for burning CDs that can contain audio as well as data and image files. Interestingly, by using this software tool user can also regulate the behavior of CD drive like opening, closing, locking, unlocking etc. The fourth functionality of vocal removal allows the user to remove the original audio voice and create an environment for a fun karaoke night. The last function is grabber which is primarily imports audio from CDs and converts them to six audio formats that are mostly used.

The crux of the matter is that Audio Juggler 2.2 is a complete audio experience available for a reasonable cost and deserves four star rating. This program is a must have for all music lovers and even professionals.

Publisher's description

Audio Juggler is the set of 5 premium audio utilities (recorder, grabber, converter,vocal remover, burner) which is must-have for every musician or music lover.
With Sound Card Recorder you can record high quality audio in MP3, WMA, Ogg Vorbis, Wave from internal or external sources. You can record audio when you play games, watch movies, or listen to music even if it is protected. You can digitize LP records and tapes, record voice from microphone, or other source such as MIDI, VCR, Internet audio streaming. You can do speedy recording by hot keys or signal detection, or scheduled recordings by timer.
Audio Grabber gets music from audio CDs to 6 major audio formats: AAC, MP3, MP4, WMA, OGG and WAV. It has clean, rich,CD audio quality results, nice-looking interface, full CD audio playback control function and very fast encoding. You can choose between various bit rate, sample rate and channel settings for every grabbed file.
Convert your music between 6 major audio formats: AAC, MP3, MP4, WMA, OGG and WAV through Audio Format Converter. Converter has clean, rich,CD audio quality results, very fast encoding. AAC format,supported by this utility is used by major products like iPod and iTunes.
You can even reduce vocal part from music and prepare it for karaoke fun through vocal remover module. Vocal remover supports every important audio format as input and 6 output, exporting formats.
Finaly, write audio and data CDs, write files to CD images and burn CDs from them. You can continue previously written discs with additional tracks,quickly or fully erase rewritable discs. You can also control behavior of your CD drive (open, close, lock and unlock drive tray).Software supports majority of modern IDE/USB/SCSI DVD/CD writing drives. It supports buffer protection (BURN-Proof) technologies for error free writing process.
Audio Juggler
Audio Juggler
Version 2.2
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